Aluminium solutions for sustainable shipbuilding Speira LEARN Whitepaper

Shipbuilding Lower weight - higher added value

Our semi-finished products find use on and in the water. In the process, our material solutions are certified by the most important classification bodies worldwide, ensuring high-quality and long-lasting results every time.

Our solutions continue to be used in a myriad of ways on the water: Yachts that incorporate aluminium have a lower weight, yet at the same time offer greater rigidity and can achieve high speeds.

Recreational boats on the other hand enjoy a longer lifespan thanks to aluminium, and unlike plastic boats, they can be recycled, thus making their contribution to sustainability.

The material properties of aluminium also bring many advantages to working vessels, ferries and cruise ships - these craft are robust and have a better center of gravity due to the fact that aluminium is used in the superstructure.

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